Multiparametric ultrasound imaging of the respiratory and locomotor muscles

We are developing new approaches based on multiparametric ultrasound for the characterization of muscle structure and function. This project includes the use of ultrafast plane wave imaging, strain imaging, and shear wave elastography.

Within this topic, the RESPIMYO project focuses on the application of multiparametric ultrasound in the diaphragm to propose specific and non-invasive alternatives for the evaluation of diaphragmatic dysfunction associated with neuromuscular disorders, respiratory diseases, and those induced by mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit.

Current research is carried out in collaboration with the BIOMAPS laboratory (Université Paris-Sud - CEA), the UMR-S 1158 and the R3S (Respiration, Reanimation, Rehabilitation, Sleep) department of the APHP-SU, and the Radboudumc University Medical Centre in Holland.

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Damien Bachasson
Damien Bachasson
PT, PhD, Researcher

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