Exercise and daily physical activity in neuromuscular disorders and other clinical populations

Investigating the effect of exercise-based interventions on neuromuscular function. Muscle activation is one of the most important mechanisms for maintaining muscle mass and function. We are also studying the impact of neuromuscular disorders on daily physical activity according to pathologies and clinical parameters. We use methods for objective quantification of physical activity such as accelerometry coupled with innovative approaches in signal processing. We also conduct prospective studies to evaluate the muscular and extramuscular effects of increased daily physical activity and/or structured exercise programs (strength/endurance) in patients with neuromuscular pathologies.

Current work is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Neuromyology and the Department of Internal Medicine of the APHP-SU.

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Damien Bachasson
Damien Bachasson
PT, PhD, Researcher

science, muscle, physiology, exercise, diaphragm, rehabilitation, bioengineering enthusiast.