Reappraising bioelectrical impedance measurements for estimating lean regional muscle mass

We are developing new approaches based on the study of the electrical properties of biological tissues to quantify regional muscle mass (e.g. thigh). This project involves the development of objects (e.g. skin-electrode interface), in silico models, and the collection of data in healthy volunteers in various physiological contexts (immobilization, training, …) and in patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders or conditions associated with muscle wasting/degeneration.

Current studies are carried out in collaboration with the NMR laboratory of the Institute of Myology, the Department of Neuromyology, and the Department of Internal Medicine of the APHP-SU.

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Damien Bachasson
Damien Bachasson
PT, PhD, Researcher

science, muscle, physiology, exercise, diaphragm, rehabilitation, bioengineering enthusiast.